Our Mission.

At Fidelity Furniture Systems, we recognize the importance of SPACE in your home. Whether your home’s SPACE challenge is from low ceilings, a narrow room, an infrequently used bedroom or simply small square footage, we can help you TAKE BACK YOUR SPACE!

We manufacture and distribute all makes and model styles of WALL BEDS – MURPHY Style or Hydraulic Style.

We also carry a full line of Space Saver Accessories & Closet Organizers.


Customize your WALL BED, whether it’s Murphy Style or Hydraulic Style, with many material and accessory options.


“Yes this is a wall BED!!!” Personalize your WALL BED and side cabinets with Contemporary or Traditional or Drop Down desks or some other personalization options that you may have.
• Custom Built
• Many Door Styles
• Stained or Painted

Our Manufacturing.

We use only industry leading hardware. Rest easy knowing that all hardware components are produced in ISO certified facilities. We offer the best warranty in the industry.


3 Spring Street East, Hamilton Ontario, L8N 2N8